Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Before and After

Wanted to share a couple before and after pictures with you guys.  Haven't had much time since the season is picking up to post any blogs.  You will like these pictures of a couple things that we have worked on recently.  We are out to make a difference at The Rim Golf Club.  If you haven't noticed these last couple years of quality change here is a couple small things that we do as the season goes on to improve and keep improving the golf course.  Before too long you may not be able to put your finger on it, but the coursewill  just looks sharp and tidy over time.  The little things add up to make a big difference.
These are pictures off our pothole bunker on the twelth hole.  The back of the bunker was damaged and falling apart.  I reshaped the bunkers edge to give it a clean line and also to help the mowers do a better job getting it collar hieght so the ball will easily roll into the bunker on a short shot.
These pictures are of the walk off on #18.  Last year the area was definitly struggling from improper irrigation.  We install some pop-up irrigation and bingo grass year-round and we free up a guy from handwatering that area.  Much more has been done to the course since I have been here and much more is needed.  These little things add up to create the big picture that our members see day in and day out.
Have a great time on the golf course.  I hope you guys enjoy it out there as much as I do.  This season, even with a few set backs may be our best year.  The water supply is great and we have a stand of turf that just continues to get more healthy.  If this year doesn't please you enough wait until next year when all the turf continues to fill in and the pocketing in the rough is completely filled in.

The Rim Golf Club is a Great Place to Live and Play.

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