Sunday, October 24, 2010

October Greens Committee Report

Course Condition

Winter weather has moved in and the grass is starting to slow down a little on growth.

Completed Items

 Broadleaf weeds sprayed on tees.
 Fertigation
 Trimming Native along paths.
 Greens and Fairway Aerification.

Current Affairs

 Cleaning up Javalina damage.
 Edging sprinkler heads, valve boxes and drains.
 Seeding, sanding and fertilizing thin areas in the rough.
 Cleaning rocks, weeds and fixing liner in the bunkers.
 Spraying for moss on the greens.
 Cleaning up plug drop areas from fairway Aerification.

Upcoming Events

 Sodding out Poa encroached collars.
 Fall fertilization application
 Hand picking Poa from greens.
 Winter Projects soon to come.
The season is coming to an end and the last day for the seasonal crew will be the 31st of this month. This will leave us with 3 FT employees and 2 PT employees on staff for the winter months.

The Rim Golf Club is a Great Place to Live and Play.

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