Monday, January 3, 2011

Winter Storm - The Rim Golf Club

Seems like every year, during the Holidays, we seem to always have some sort of a winter storm. This year it proved to be right on schedule. A few days before the New Year, we got hit with a pretty large snow storm. The golf course received nearly a foot of snow. The storms timing may not be unusual, but the amount of snow that has fallen is a bit unusual.

Since I have lived in Payson, we have been hit with snow each year. I am sure everyone has seen the usual, snow falls and then melts within a week. The roads are usually clear by the end of the day. Snow in The Rim Country is mostly a brief nuisance.
What made this storm unique, were the cold temperatures that followed the heavy snow fall. On New Year’s Day the low at my house was 1 degree. I have only lived in Payson for four years and I have not seen low temperatures like that. It was cold enough that a water line in the wall of my garage froze and burst. I have seen teens for a low before, but rarely single digits.
What does this mean for the course and our staff?

The staff will start working on our maintenance shop. We have a lot of clean up and organization that can be done to prepare for next season. We will also round up the tee markers from the course and start painting the respective colors for each set. This is also a good time for the mechanics to get caught up on replacing worn seals and bearings to get the equipment ready for next season.

I will have some upcoming posts that will illustrate some of the things that we are working on during this winter weather. Also, keep an eye out for our first video blog. It will be part one of our quest to correct the range tee wiring debacle.

If you have any questions or comments, please contact me.

Justin C. Ruiz, CGCS

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